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Rare Set of Lionel Std. Gauge Freights 12 13 15 16 17

Here is a beautiful set of early Lionel Standard Gauge Freights. Included is the No. 12 "Rock Island" Gondola, the No. 13 green Cattle Car, the No. 15 Pennsylvania Oil Tank Car, the No. 16 Pennsylvania Ballast Dump Car, and the No. 17 Caboose. I have kept these together as a set because of the condition and consistency of appearance. I believe these have been kept as a set since the early 1900s. These are some of the best conditioned cars I've ever seen on these early freights. The pictures tell the story - and please ask any questions. Yes, what you see is all original. No touch-ups, repaints, or repairs. Unfortunately, the Caboose got a little scratched and has a small dent in its roof, but the others are extremely nice! Please ask any questions. If their is no interest in these cars as a set, I will break them up and offer them separately. Don't miss these.

Price: $799 SORRY! SOLD!

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