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Lionel Postwar Set # 2140WS, 671, 2671W, 2400, 2401 ++

Here is a very nice set of Lionel postwar "O" gauge trains - Set No. 2140WS. This was catalogued in 1948 (they also had one in 1949). The set includes - the No. 671 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Engine with operating headlight and smoke, with its 2671W streamlined Pennsylvania 12-wheeled Whistle Tender with Back-up Lights. Also, we also have (3) passenger cars - the green with yellow trim illuminated No. 2400 Maplewood Pullman, the No. 2402 Chatham Pullman, and the No. 2401 Hillside Observation Also includes the individual boxes with linings on the engine and tender boxes, and some paper work. All that is needed is a nice Set Box.

Overall, this set is outstanding. And one that is hard to find. I can't find much wrong with the trains, as they rate like new. The engine is beautiful, with that great new patina look. Runs fine. The tender is a rare 2671W with the back-up lights, silver lettering, and NO breaks or cracks (which is hard to find on this tender shell). The back up light looks correct to me, and I've taken some close ups for you to tell. The wire looks early, and the light has some minor flaking indicating its age.

The Passenger Cars are really nice, in like new condition. All cars light up. The only very minor thing I see is that on the 2402 I see a spot of oxidation on the silver underneath, and some sort of spot on one side as pictured. These cars are bright and shinny. The boxes are in various condition. The 671 and tender boxes have tape on them, and the large flaps have been taped. The tender box is similar. The passenger car boxes are in decent shape. One box is missing an end flap, most have interior tape as reinforcement to the flaps. I took a lot of pictures which show the condition well, however, if you have any questions let me know. A very special Lionel postwar set. Thanks.

Price: $995 SORRY! SOLD!

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