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Lionel Prewar Set No. 190W, 226E 2226W, 2615 2613 2614

Here is a fantastic late prewar Lionel Train Set No. 190W - and hard to find. It features the No. 226E 2-6-4 steam locomotive, with its 2226W Whistle Tender. It includes the (3) two-toned blue passenger cars (which are also used for the Blue Comet Set) - the No. 2615 Baggage Car - the No. 2613 Pullman - and the No. 2614 Observation. Overall the set has a real nice look, and is one of my favorites. The cars are particularly nice. I will point out what I see on each piece. The 226E engine looks good. I put it on a test track and it lights up and runs in forward and reverse. In looking at the finish with a magnifying glass, I see that the edges have been touched up. Also, I see some glue residue by a couple of the stanchions. Possibly a few of the rods have been replaced. The tender is in very good condition. It is not warped. The whistle makes a lot of noise when tested, but not a true whistle sound. The passengers are all original and as pictured. No repaint. Roofs and sides have some scratches, but very little overall. All the cars look complete, and do light up. I took a lot of pictures for you to see all, and please ask any questions. If there is no interest in this as a set, I reserve the option of taking it off, and selling the items separately. So, please bid early if you are interested. Thanks.

Price: $1000 SORRY! SOLD!

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