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Tough Lionel Uncataloged Set #9658 w/ 2337 6800 6264 +

Here is a set you won't see very often (I recently offered a smilar set - CLICK HERE to view that auction). This is Lionel Uncataloged Sears Set No. 9658 from 1958. WOW. This is complete with all the cars and boxes. The set contains the No. 2337 Wabash Geep, the No. 6800 Flatcar with Airplane, the No. 6464-425 New Haven Boxcar, the rare No. 6264 Flatcar with Lumber Load , the No. 6818 Flatcar with Transformer, the No. 6424 Flatcar with (2) Autos, the No. 3361 Operating Log Car, the No. 6560 red Crane Car, and the No. 6119-100 DL & W Caboose - with rare Bold Classic Box. The set has all the individual boxes - which are a combination of Late and Bold Classic styles, a No. 6019 Track Set box, and the Rare Set Box.

The set overall is in great condition. The Set Box even has ta partial Sears Shipping Label. Some condition notes: The engine runs well in forward and reverse. Very clean looking, battery compartment clean. Its Box, which is probably the hardest box in the set shows some wear. It is missing its end flap and some of the flaps have been taped. The no. 6264 is a great looking car. Virtually unrun. Its Box is very nice with all flaps. A small piece of tape on one side. All the cars are really nice - and I took many pictures (a total of 76) for you to see all. A couple more notes, the box of the 3361 is missing an end flap. A couple other interior flaps either are missing or reinforced with tape. Clear tape is on the set box and some of the car boxes. The Set Box shows wear as pictured. Please ask any questions. A Set not to be missed. Buyer pays shipping. Please check out my other items currently listed, and save on shipping. NO RESERVE.

Price: $811 SORRY! SOLD!

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