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Lionel Set No. 2295WS N & W Freight Set & Boxes WOW!

Here is a great set of Lionel postwar Super "O" trains. This is the massive No. 2295WS Freight Set that Lionel made in 1957. This Set includes the No. 746 N&W Streamline Steam Engine, the No. 746W N&W short stripe Whistle Tender, the No. 342 Operating Culvert Loader, the No. 6343 Culvert Gondola, the No. 3530 Generator Car Set, the No. 3361 Operating Log Car, the No. 6560-25 Operating Crane Car and the No. 6419-100 N&W Work Caboose. Includes all the individual Boxes, some paperwork, and the hard to find Set Box.

Overall, I would rate this set very high. Most of the trains are in super condition - as you can see in the pictures. The 746 4-8-4 steam engine is wonderful looking. It tender even better. All the freights are strong as shown in the pictures. The boxes are also nice. A couple have tape on the inside flaps, and the engine box is missing a flap and an interior flap. The Set Box shows some wear on one side top. Not much else to say about this one - as the condition is so nice. I believe the pictures tell the story, however, if there is anything not apparent in the photos, please ask. This is one you should not miss!

Price: $2178 SORRY! SOLD!

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