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Lionel #1562W Red-Stripe Passenger Set/Obs

This is one not to be missed. The No. 1562W Passenger Set that Lionel made in 1956 only. This Set includes the No. 2328 Burlington GP Diesel with Magnetraction and Horn, the No. 2444 Red-Stripe Newark Pullman, two No. 2442 Red-Stripe Clifton Vista Domes and a No. 2446 Red-Stripe Summit Observation Car. One of the better 027 Passenger Sets. Overall, this set is in like new condition. The engine is really nice - hard to find in this kind of condition. A couple minor marks on the shell, and some marks on the red railing. The Cars are beautiful - almost new, with just a couple minor marks. Silver tells the story - nice and bright. The Boxes are also very nice. The engine box has some writing on it - all flaps present - sealed on one end. The car boxes are brick. all flaps intact. Three cars with paper. The set box has a repaired top flap, and some writing on it. Nice and firm. The 6019 is box only. WOW! A great set of postwar Lionel Trains - investment quality.

Price: $2350 SORRY! SOLD!

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