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Rare High Grade Boxed LIONEL Set 2513W - WOW!

Here an extremely desirable set of Lionel "Super O" gauge trains from 1957. This is set No. 2513W which includes the No. 2329 Virginian Rectifier, and its matching No. 6427-60 Virginian Caboose. Also includes a great set of freights - the No. 3359-55 Double Dump Car, with tough insert, the tough No. 6556 MKT Stock Car, a No. 6425 Gulf 3-Dome Tank Car, a No. 6343 Poultry Car, a No. 6414 Auto-Loader, number on left, first version w/Timken trucks - And the extremely tough No. 6427 Virginian Caboose, with its brick original Box. Also included we have packets, paperwork, and track. All individual boxes and the rare Set Box. Set is in unrun, mint like condition. The engine looks brand new. No marks on the wheels or rollers. One spot of paint missing on the yellow frame, but that is probably factory. Box is correct for the engine with the stamped number on the ends. All cars look unrun. I'm guessing that these were on display. Some minor dirt on a couple of the car roofs. The MKT Stock Car box, and the 6414 Box, have a couple of flaps reinforced with tape. The rest are very nice - especially the Caboose Box, the Poultry Car, and Tank Car boxes. The set box overall is very nice, however, it is missing its top skin on the bottom, and someone put duct tape on it for reinforcement. A beautiful set for the true collector. Please enjoy the video and all the pictures. I believe they tell the ultimate story on this wonderful set. Thanks.

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