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Lionel UP City of Denver Set 299W w/ 636W, 637 637 638

Here is an extremely nice prewar Lionel "City of Denver" Union Pacific train set. It consists of the 636W engine, with (2) No. 637 Coaches - and the No. 638 observation with all vestibules. Also, some original Boxes. This is a restored train - and one of the nicest restorations I've ever seen. It is absolutely gorgeous. There are some restorations that are just plain repaints, and not very good. Well this one is not one of those! It is meticulously done. Every detail complete. Great use of paint. I'm not sure who did it, but I can tell you it took a LONG time. Of course the train runs perfectly. The engine box is in good shape, the one coach box is missing flaps on one end. The observation box is torn and tattered. This is a great piece for your collections. Don't miss this opportunity. Thanks.

Price: $599 SORRY! SOLD!

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