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1995 Shafer Napa Valley SLD Cabernet Sauvignon

A really nice bottle - the 1995 Shafer Napa Valley SLD Cabernet Sauvignon. Bottle in great condition. Here is one reviewers opinion - "Rated 93 points: Purple, almost black color. Refined, pencil, plum nose. Fresh nose -- no hint of age. Cherry with hint of black licorice on nose. Rich cabernet fruit perfume. Subtle, cabernet, rich palate. Nice finish. No bitterness. Smooth -- perfumed pencil lead, muted, chocolate finish. I agree with the U-shaped review below -- wonderful perfumed nose -- slightly flat middle -- but wonderfully rich finish. The nose was probably its best feature -- I think I could sniff all night -- like fantastic sweet bud in the 70s. Chocolate, cabernet, musty, slightly moldy perfume. Lingers on the nose. Initial taste is a tinge flat, but then quickly turns to pencil lead, tight tannins balanced by acid, and rich concentrated fruit finish. Very bordeaux like. No orange -- no real signs of age, except the exquisite perfume. This is so wonderful to sit and smell. One of the few wines where the nose really makes you think twice about finishing the wine -- why waste the bouquet? Round, full, complex -- this was truly a very wonderful and full experience. Perfect to share with my parents on a cold, late fall/early winter night with the kids in full bloom, the parents in retro-spective, and the rest of us comfortable in our mid-muddled-experience."

PREVIEW: Will go on Auction at Ebay January 3, 2008.

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