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High Grade Boxed LIONEL #2329 Virginian Rectifer- WOW!

Here an extremely desirable Lionel "Super O" gauge train from 1957. This is the No. 2329 Virginian Rectifier, with its matching box, hard-to-find box insert, and instruction sheet. High grade engine, in pristine condition. The engine looks basically brand new. Minor marks on the wheels, so it has been run, but very little. Perfect decal. Two minor things to point out. On the roof, there is a rub, in the first blue square of the raised section, that is visible when holding the train at an angle. I imagine a box rub. I tried to photograph it, but it is hard to see. Also, I noticed a splash of yellow paint on the frame on one side. With a magnifying glass it looks like it was a factory touch-up. Also, very hard to see - but I wanted to point it out. No other marks or blemishes anywhere on the train. Box is a brick with no issues, sealed on one end. Don't miss this for your high end collection.

Price: $1295 SORRY! SOLD!

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