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Lionel Postwar O gauge # 1647 USMC Space Set OBS

Here is a neat Lionel O27 gauge train Set from 1961. This is Set No. 1647 - the USMC Space Set. The set includes the No. 45 USMC Missile Firing Engine, the No. 3665 Operating Minuteman Box Car with Rocket, the No. 3519 Operating Satellite Launching Car, the No. 6448 Exploding Target Range Car, the No. 6830 Submarine Car, and the No. 6814 Rescue Caboose. Also includes the No. 6019 027 Remote Control Track Set, the 1073 60-Watt Transformer, 8 pieces of curved track, and 10 pieces of straight. The 44-55 Assem. envelope, 5 small missiles, some billboards, also some paperwork, and the Set Box. All that is pictured.

Condition of the trains is for the most part excellent. The No. 45 Engine is very nice. It has all its steps, which is rare for this piece. Some scratches, but overall it looks very nice. Ran in forward and reverse. The Box for this engine is not correct and is a replacement. The freights are also in excellent condition as pictured. Most with little run time. The Minuteman Box Car looks great. No breaks or cracks. Original rocket. The No. 6830 Submarine Car has one broken step on the flat car. Original Submarine. The No. 3519 Operating Satellite Launching Car is missing its satellite dish, and the satellite is broken. The Rescue Caboose is missing its accessories. The individual boxes all have tape on them, and have been opened from the sides. Some internal flaps are missing. Some tears. The Set box is in fair condition. It has some tape on one end, and poked holes in the sides. Please refer to the pictures to see all. Don't miss this neat Lionel Set. Thanks.

Price: $989 SORRY! SOLD!

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