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Set (4) Lionel Passenger Cars BOXES 2531 2532 2533 2534

Here is a very nice set of (4) Lionel Santa Fe Aluminum Passenger Car BOXES. This is for the BOXES ONLY. We are offering the No. 2532 illuminated "Silver Range" Vista-Dome Passenger car BOX, the No. 2533 "Silver Cloud" Pullman car BOX, the No. 2534 "Silver Bluff" Pullman car BOX, and the No. 2531 "Silver Dawn" Observation car BOX. Condition is excellent - as seen in the pictures. These are not perfect, but if you need this for a nice set, they will work. All have their original Inserts and Lionel Paper. All flaps are present. A couple of condition notes. The 2532 has a tear on one end that has been repaired with tape. The 2531 has one flap with a repaired tear. Not much else wrong that I can tell. Nice sturdy boxes. Paper has a few tears on the ends, but other than being wrinkled, the paper looks good. Please check out all the pictures, and ask any questions. Buyer pays shipping. Please check out all the pictures below. Thanks.

Price: $353 SORRY! SOLD!

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