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A Pair of Dent Buses - Aluminum & Cast Iron

A five inch cast aluminum bus, with a red painted stripe on the body, and aluminum wheels with red painted centers; and a similar light blue example, having yellow painted stamped steel wheels. Price is for both pieces.

In the early 1930's, Dent Hardware Company, of Fullerton, PA, tried an experiment. They already had an extensive line of cast iron toys, and decided to introduce some aluminum examples. Using the same patterns that were used to make the cast iron examples, they produced perhaps thirty different toys in aluminum. It has been suggested that the reason for this was to reduce shipping costs, as it was becoming more and more expensive to ship the much heavier cast iron. The toys were not a success with little boys, and few were made, so they are difficult to find today. Presented here is the aluminum example, with its cast iron counterpart.

Price: $300 SORRY! SOLD!

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