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Lionel Blue Comet Set w/ 2263E Loco, 2613, 2614, 2615 Passengers OBS

Here is a wonderful collector grade set of prewar Lionel "O" gauge trains. The Blue Comet Set No. 194W from 1938. This Set featuring the No. 263E 2-4-2 Steam Locomotive with its matching No. 2263W Tender. Included are the two-toned blue and dark blue passenger cars - the No. 2613 Pullman, the No. 2615 Baggage Car, and the No. 2614 Observation Car. Also included is a complete set of original Boxes, the Instruction Manual, an RCS and the rare Set Box - all that is pictured.

Let's start with initial impressions. When I first saw this Set I was amazed at the overall condition. It appears that this set was used very little. It is extremely shinny and bright - and that hits you first. Then you see the wonderful individual Boxes. The Engine and Tender Boxes are brick. The individual car boxes are also in great condition for those rare boxes. The set box is nice and sturdy and complete, but missing a portion of its front label. All together this is an impressive set.

Below I've added over 70 pictures for you to see the very minor details of each piece. I will detail some observations on each piece. First, the engine. Typical of these engines it does have a few loose stanchions. Also, it has a few scratches around the stanchions. I noticed that one wheel has some deterioration (see pic). The engine did run in forward and reverse. The Tender is gorgeous. Bright and shinny virtually spotless. The whistle did not work, and appears to be a wiring issue, as no sound was coming from the piece. Should be an easy fix. The 2515 Baggage Car has only a couple of paint nicks. The lighting wire needs to be reattached. The 2613 Pullman is close to mint. It does light up. Can't find much wrong with this car. The 2614 Observation does have some paint scrapes on the roof. Particularly in the back. The sides are mint. Car also lights up. The BOXES to the cars are very nice. As you can see from the pictures, a couple of the interior coupler flaps are in half. The 2614 box is missing an interior flap. Again, the engine and tender boxes are wonderful. The engine box has its insert. The RCS has dry brittle wires, and its box is missing flaps at one end. Interesting - please note - that the 2613 box has 613 on the sides and has been stamped with a "2" in front of the 613 on both end flaps. Obviously, Lionel using some of the 1937 inventory. Don't miss this set, you can buy in confidence, and please contact me with any questions. Thanks.

Price: $4500 SORRY! SOLD!

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