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Wonderful Lionel No. 31714 Amtrak Acela Set + Passenger 3 Pack Add-On

WOW! What a neat set. This is one of Lionel's finest and most sought after sets from 2005. It is the Amtrak Acela Set No. 31714 PLUS a factory sealed Lionel Amtrak Acela passenger 3-pack ad on 6-15584. The 31714 set features the Engine and non-powered unit pulling (3) Passenger Cars. From the Lionel web site: "Reaching speeds of 150 miles per hour, the Amtrak Acela zooms along the Northeast Corridor between Boston and Washington, D.C. State-of-the-art at every level, the Acela continues to redefine American railroading. In 2005, model railroading will receive its own technological breakthrough with the release of the Lionel Amtrak Acela. This all-new scale model offers a long list of O gauge innovations. At speed, each passenger car individually tilts as it enters a curve-just like the real Acela. Pantographs deploy automatically according to direction, or at the touch of a button. At a station, watch the appropriate side doors automatically open with a CAB-1 command. Under official license from Amtrak, this painstakingly accurate replica comes to life with rivet-for-rivet detailing taken directly from Bombardier blueprints and Amtrak painting manuals." The 31714 set features: * Railsounds 5.0 Sound System with Crew Talk, Towercom, Announcement, and Enroute Dialog - * Realistic Tilting System - * Directionally Operating Pantographs - * Directional Lighting - * Dual Powerful Maintenance Free Motors with Flywheels - * Detailed Interiors with Passenger and Crew Figures - * Odyssey Speed Control System - * Infrared Wireless System Connecting Cars - * Automatic Opening Passenger Car Doors with Lights and Announcement - * Minimum 0-72 Curves - Dimensions: Length: 102" * More as detailed on the box in the pictures below. This set is in like new condition. Wheels show that it may have been on a track, if just for a test drive. Comes in its original boxes and the two-tierd master carton. Will be shipped in its original Shipping Carton. The Passenger add On Set No.15584 - is Factory Sealed. - PACK INCLUDES: A Bistro car, two business class cars FEATURES: * TrainMaster Command Control equipped - able to run in Command Control Mode or in Conventional Transformer Control Mode - Hinged roof panel on the top of each car houses interior light switch for easy adjustments without having to remove the train from the track - Infrared wireless system connects each car - Close coupling system allows near-prototypical distance between the cars - Realistic tilting mechanism leans passenger car bodies when traveling at 25 scale mph or faster - Automatically opening passenger car doors with operating indicator lights and platform lights - Authentically detailed interiors with passenger and train crew figures - Interior lighting in all cars - Realistic flush-fitting windows - Die-cast metal sprung trucks on power cars and passenger cars - Minimum Curve: O-72 - Dimensions: Length: Single Car: 21 1/2". Locomotive Road Number: 3310, 3512, 3405. Shipped in its original shipping carton. Two great Lionel Sets - that will add to any collection. Don't miss, and please ask any questions. Buy with confidence.

Price: $2599 SORRY! SOLD!

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