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Lifetime Collection Hubley Ahrens-Fox Cast Iron Fire Engines

Here is something you don't see very often - a complete collection of Hubley ​Ahrens-Fox Cast Iron Fire Engines. Collected for many years - to find all the sizes and the best quality. WOW! I love this kind of collecting - finding all the different sizes - variations, or all the different colors of a particular toy. This group is in great overall condition as you can see in the pictures below. No breaks or cracks. All with original white rubber tires. The largest and most valuable measure 11" not including the extended ladders. The next is 7-5/8" long, and then 7", then the next at 6-1/2" long. The smaller version measure 4-1/2", and the smallest - and probably the hardest to find - measures 3-1/2". I took a lot of pictures - so enjoy! Thanks. 

Price: $3950 SORRY! SOLD!

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