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Lionel Anniversary Set - 2023 UP Alco, 2481, 2482 +2483

Here is a great set of Lionel trains. This is the Union Pacific Anniversary Set made in 1950. This features the Union Pacific No. 2023 Alco Diesels Locomotives with the No. 2481 "Plainfield" lighted passenger car with silhouettes the No. 2482 "Westfield" lighted passenger car with silhouettes, and the No. 2483 "Livingston" lighted observation car with silhouettes. These are in very good to excellent overall condition. I took lots on pictures so that you can see all. A couple of notes...the 2023 runs in forward and reverse, lights work and has a corrosion free battery compartment. Decals on both are excellent. I see no breaks or cracks. The passenger cars are very nice. The red overall is pretty good - but is showing slight signs of wear on the window frames. The observation is the best of the three. The 2481 and the 2482 both have a break on the back left, as you can see in the pictures. The roof on the 2481 has a scratch in the middle. Trucks look nice and clean. Only one car illuminated. This set will be great for your layouts. Please ask any further questions and I will try and answer to the best of my ability. A great looking set!

Price: $529 SORRY! SOLD!

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