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Nice Kursan Atomic Army Train w/ 5 Cars O gauge Electric

Here is a neat train - The Kursan Atomic train. For reference:

The Kusan KF-110 Atomic Train (0 gauge) was the first toy train to have an "atomic theme."  It was produced between 1957 and 1960 by Kusan-Auburn of Franklin Tennessee.   Kusan-Auburn was a subsidiary of Kusan, a plastics manufacturer. The company described it as "An exciting new train with extra play value in each unit.” After the initial success of the Atomic Train,  Kusan produced a couple of other toy trains, but the competition from Lionel became too great and Kusan got out of the toy train business in 1960.

This set includes the XT 2716 'Sylvania' Diesel Engine - a Atomic Reactor Car, an extra Atomic Reator car, an Atomic Cannon Car, A Rocket Car and the Master Control Center Caboose. All that is pictured below. Condition is excellent. Tested the Engine, and currently it did not run. Extending piece of the coupler was missing. Elevator pieces missing/or disconnected on the Cannon Car. Radar dish on roof of Caboose is off. Replacement included. A very neat set - not to be missed. Enjoy all the pictures and please ask any questions. Thanks.

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