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Lionel No. 1539W Santa Fe F-3 AB 2243 Diesel Freight Set 1955

Here is really nice No. 1539W Santa Fe "O" Gauge Postwar Freight Set from Lionel - made in 1955. This set includes the No. 2243 Santa Fe F3 AB units, a No. 6446 black hopper car, No. 6460 gray crane car, No. 6561 cable car, No. 3620 searchlight and a No. 6419 work caboose. Also we have all individual Boxes, a set of uncut Billboards, Instruction Booklet, some individual instruction sheets, and fairly hard to find SET BOX. All that is seen in the many pictures provided. Overall, the condition of this set is excellent. Here are a few extra notes that I have observed. The engine runs smoothly in forward and reverse. The horn has not been tested. The powered unit has nice shinny red and bright silver. A couple of minor marks keeps this from grading higher. Battery compartment is clean, free of corrosion. The "B" unit is also very nice. Only a coupe of small marks. I don't see any problems with the freights. Strong excellent condition. The Boxes - the Powered unit is brick-like. The "B" box has a repaired tear on one end flap with some tape and repairs to the flaps. Original interior lining. The rest of the boxes have some flaps repaired, but overall they are very nice. The SET BOX shows some wear with some wear at the corners and on top flaps. I believe the pictures are clear, however, please let me know if you have any questions. Don't miss this one for your collection.

Price: $660 SORRY! SOLD!

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