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Lionel Postwar Set # 2219W Maroon Top 2321, 6464-50 BOX

Here is a highly sought after Set of Lionel "O" gauge trains from 1954. Called the "Thunderbrid" Set No. 2219W. This Set includes the No. 2321 maroon top Lackawanna Train Master, the No. 6464-50 Minneapolis & St. Louis Boxcar, the No. 6462-25 green gondola, the No. 6456-25 grey Lehigh Valley Hopper, the No. 6415 3-Dome Sunoco Tank Car, and the No. 6417 Porthole Caboose. Also includes all individual boxes plus the Set Box. Overall condition is excellent on this set. Engine looks real nice. Has the typical hairline cracks from the screws, and some wear shown on the bottom sides. Engine ran perfectly. The freight cars are really very nice. Some showing hardly any run time. Would rate in the excellent plus or better area. The tank car is the worst of the bunch, and would only rate very good. The boxes do show some wear. An end flap is missing on the 6415 box, and some flaps on the 6462 and one flap on the 6456, have been reinforced. The set box shows wear as pictured, and has only two partial interior flaps. Two corners have been taped from the inside. This is one not to be missed.

Price: $1099 SORRY! SOLD!

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