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Lionel Postwar Set # 1501S, 2026, 6066T 6035 +Set Box

Here is a nice set of Lionel postwar trains - Set No. 1501S from 1953. The set includes - the No. 2026 heat=stamped 2-6-4 "O27" gauge Steam Engine with operating headlight and smoke, with its 6066T Tender. Also, we also have three freights - the No. 6035 Sunoco gray Tank Car - the No. 6032 black Gondola - and the No. 6037 brown Lionel Lines caboose. It also includes some paper, a No. 6009 uncoupling section, individual boxes and the original Set Box box. Condition of this set is excellent. Looks to be in very nice overall shape. The engine runs but like all older engines should be cleaned and lubed to run perfectly. A couple of the boxes are only in good shape and missing an end flap. I believe that the pictures show the condition well, and if you have any additional questions, please let me know. A good Lionel postwar set to own.

Price: $191 SORRY! SOLD!

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