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Lionel Postwar Set # 1503WS, 2055, 6026W, 6456 +Set Box

Here is a very nice set of Lionel postwar trains - Set No. 1503WS. This is the version catalogued in 1953 (they also had one in 1954). The set includes - the No. 2055 4-6-4 "O" gauge Steam Engine with its 6026W Tender. Also, we also have four freights - the No. 6465 Sunoco tank car - the No. 6456 maroon Lehigh Valley Hopper - the No. 6462 black Gondola - and the No. 6257 caboose. It also includes (2) No. 6109 remote control set, the No. 1033 90-watt transformer, some paper work, the individual boxes, and the original Set Box. Selling what is pictured, and please look at all the pictures as they show the condition well.

Overall, this is a real nice looking set. The engine is excellent plus with just some minor paint nicks. It did run in forward and reverse, lights up and smokes, but I would give it a good cleaning to run perfectly. The tender looks to be in very nice shape. The freights are generally excellent to excellent plus. The boxes of the freights are in good condition. Some missing flaps, some with tape as reinforcement to the flaps (please check the pictures). The set box is has it top flaps taped. I do not think that these trains were run very much. Please ask any questions. A very nice Lionel postwar set to own.

Price: $250 SORRY! SOLD!

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