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Lionel Postwar Set # 2140WS, 671, 2671W, 2400, 2401 ++

Here is a very nice set of Lionel postwar "O" gauge trains - Set No. 2140WS. This was catalogued in 1948 (they also had one in 1949). The set includes - the No. 671 6-8-6 Steam Turbine Engine with operating headlight and smoke, with its 2671W streamlined Pennsylvania 12-wheeled Whistle Tender. Also, we also have (3) passenger cars - the green with yellow trim illuminated No. 2400 Maplewood Pullman, the No. 2402 Chatham Pullman, and the No. 2401 Hillside Observation Also includes the individual boxes with linings, and the original Set Box. Selling what is pictured, and please look at all the pictures as they show the condition well.

Overall, this is a real nice looking set. And one that is hard to find. The engine is excellent plus with just some minor paint nicks. It did run in forward and reverse, lights up and smokes. The tender appears incorrect to me. Looking closely it is stamped 2671WX not 2671W, and the shells looks too good. I'm guessing that the shell is a reproduction. The Passenger Cars are generally excellent to excellent plus. They are real nice! All cars light up. The boxes are in various condition. The 671 and tender boxes have tape on them. The passenger car boxes are in decent shape. Some missing flaps, some with tape as reinforcement to the flaps (please check the pictures). The set box is there but is covered with tape. One interior flap has been replaced. Please ask any questions on condition before bidding. A very nice Lionel postwar set to own.

Price: $1081 SORRY! SOLD!

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