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Lionel Postwar Large Freight Set # 1475WS 2046 3656 OBS

Here is a nice set of Lionel postwar trains - Set No. 1475WS from 1950. This is an enormous set that includes a lot of trains. Featuring the No. 2046 4-6-4 "O" gauge Steam Engine with the 2046W "Lionel Lines" Whistle Tender. The set comes with five freights - the No. 3656 operating cattle car - the No. 3461X automatic lumber car - the No. 6472 refrigerator car - the No. 3469X automatic dumping ore car with 160 bin - and the 6419 work caboose. All individual boxes and the original Set Box box. Everything that is pictured. Condition of this set is very good to excellent overall. Looks to be in nice overall shape, although not perfect. The engine runs but will need cleaning and lube to run perfectly. Smoke unit works. The tender has a loose wire so I was not able to test the whistle. I see a missing steps on the back of the tender, and some touch-up on the back. The freights do not have any breaks or cracks, and generally are in excellent condition. The engine, tender, and cattle car boxes do not have interior. A couple of the boxes are missing end flaps and some have tape as reinforcement. The cattle car box is torn and tattered. Set box looks very good, the original tape on one corner is half missing. I believe that the pictures show the condition well, and if you have any additional questions, please let me know. A great big, and heavy, Lionel postwar set to own.

Price: $626 SORRY! SOLD!

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