Lionel SG Blue Comet Set w/ 390E

The ultimate Lionel Standard Gauge Train – the rare “Blue Comet” Set 396E from 1930. Featuring the 390E cream striped Steam Locomotive. Click here to view.

Lionel 700E 4-6-4 Scale Hudson

In my opinion, here is the ultimate Lionel prewar “O” gauge Steam Engine. The 1937 version of the Lionel No. 700E Locomotive with its 700W Tender Click here to view.

Indian Shooting Bear Mechanical Bank

Here is an extremely nice bank – the Indian Shooting Bear cast iron mechanical bank, manufactured by J & E Stevens, circa 1883. Click here to view.

Pratt & Letchworth 4-Seat Brake

Here is a scarce toy – the Pratt & Letchworth 4-Seat Brake. Circa. 1890. A wonderful looking toy measuring a large 27″ long. All original cast iron figures on top of the carriage. Click here to view.

Kilgore Cast Iron Stutz Bearcat Roadster

Here is an extremely nice Kilgore Stutz Cast iron Roadster with nickel wheels, bumpers, headlights and spare. This large car measures 10-1/2″ long, Rarely seen in this kind of condition. Great original paint. No breaks or cracks. Would be an upgrade to most collections. Click here to view.

Arcade Car Carrier White Rubber Tires

Here is a wonderful Arcade cast iron Model A Car Carrier from 1928. Includes (4) Arcade Model A Fords, each 5″ long. Total length of this large toy is 24-1/2″ long. All the wheels on both the car carrier and cars are original white rubber tires. This is one of the few examples of this toy that exist. CLICK HERE to see more.

Hubley Cast Iron Largest Size Traffic Car

Here is a wonderful looking toy – and very hard to find. This is the largest sized Hubley “Indian” Traffic Car. Measures 11-1/2″ long. Embossed “Traffic Car” on the back cart. Original rear gate. CLICK HERE to see more.

Rare Hubley Trux-Mixer Toy

A rarely seen cast iron toy from Hubley of Lancaster, PA. This is called their Trux-Mixer. Measures 7-1/2″ long. Only a few of these are known to exist in this kind of condition. CLICK HERE to see more.

Hubley Cast Iron HFD Fire Engine

This is called the Hubley HFD Fire Engine. Measures a large 14-1/2″ long. This has the integrated bumper, original driver and man in the rear. A rare and beautiful piece. CLICK HERE to see more.

Hubley Cast Iron Indian Crash Car 9″

Here is a very rare Hubley Indian “Crash Car” Motorcycle. Difficult to find in this 9″ size. In wonderful condition with its original hose reel in the back. Original red and green paint and white rubber tires. Truly a scarce item for your collection. CLICK HERE to see more.

Hubley Ingersoll Rand Compressor Truck

Here is one of Hubley’s top cast iron toy trucks. Called the Ingersoll Rand Compressor Truck. Nickel plated cast iron wheels. Circa. 1933. Only a few known to exist in this condition. CLICK HERE to find out more.

Kenton Cast Iron Water Tower Fire Truck

Here is a scarce Kenton Water Tower Fire Truck. Only a few examples known. It measures a large 24″ to the end of the water tower. CLICK HERE to find out more.